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Perth city workers will get a much needed support from the their employers. News spread like wild fire about several companies in the city building a compound specifically to keep the bicycles secure. Some people has taken up cycling to take advantage of this offer. There are many advantages to why people cycle over the traditional driving to get to work, some of the advantages are: i) to beat peak hour traffic ii) save money on fuel and iii) getting some exercise.

Previously, there were not many places to park and secure your bikes – forcing many to drive rather than cycle. Employers now hope these people can start cycling again. And for those who never cycled before may contemplate to take up cycling. Health experts said that the employers are doing the right thing. Simply look at the health benefit, the regular exercise from cycling daily will make workers more healthy and therefore, in theory, be more productive at work. It’s a win/win situation to both the employer and the employee. The employee reaps the heath benefit and the employer benefits from having more productive workers!

Another issue that may be discussed is the compatibility between the bikes and cars, especially with the increase number of bikes over time.

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When you think about transportation, you’d most likely think about those fuel powered machines. We’re talking about cars, boats, buses, ferries, trains etc etc. But back in the days before coal or petrol powered transportation were invented, many relied on self propelled “machines” such as bicycles, more often then not referred simply as bikes.

Nowadays, bikes are still a minority when it comes to mode of transportation in Australian cities such as Perth. But perhaps this will change as population growth increases exponentially. Take a look at other countries, such as China where it’d be relatively common to find people getting around in their bicycles. Most will say that it is not by choice, but rather by force. Costs of running fuel powered vehicles such as cars and buses are always on the increase owing to pressure caused by increased demand for their usage.

To put a picture in your with regards to over populated places, check out below:



It’s true about what they say that a picture paints a thousand words. Just take a look at the above picture. Such a telling story..

Going back to using bikes, many will argue that in a place such as Perth, the way the roads are currently designed, it may not be able to accommodate bike riders. Why? Simply because many won’t have anticipated the rapid population growth.

So, are bikes really the forgotten transportation mode? Well… everyone will have their own opinion. But the majority of local people will agree that they’re not but simply not included in today’s transport infrastructure.

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If you want to take your birthday or bachelorette party to the next level, why leave the party on a stationary dance floor when you can take the dance floor with you in a tricked-out party bus! Let the party go where you go. A limo bus, as it’s sometimes called, is essentially a large customized bus that is designed to be as slick as a fancy limousine from the interior, except with 100 times the amount of space for walking, moving and dancing. Whether you are a group of 10 or 50, there is a party bus to accommodate the size of your party. And besides birthdays and bachelorette parties, they’re also the perfect form of transportation for proms, wine tours, sporting events, corporate events, and any large groups trips.

Party buses are typically loaded with plasma TVs, state-of-the-art surround sound system, CD player/DVD player/iPod hookup, and lounge-style leather seats with temperature controls. They also include custom features like fully-stocked bars, strip poles, and special fiber optic lighting throughout the interior. Coolers are constantly stocked with fresh ice before and after the event so that your drinks stay nice and chilled. There are a few specialized buses that take their rides to the ultimate level and equip their rides with gaming systems and karaoke, which is not only fun for the kids, but adults as well.

Aside from offering complete luxury for your travel needs, party buses also provide great convenience of taking all your guests to your destination in one vehicle. It eliminates the hassle of driving separate cars, finding directions and getting lost, the worry of drinking and driving, and searching for parking. Additionally, the cost per person to rent out a party bus could be quite affordable with a large enough group to split the tab.

As for booking tips, always ensure that the company has the proper insurance for vehicle and driver and up-to-date maintenance and inspection records. Always confirm details on the type of bus that you are getting, number of passengers allowed, features of bus, and details on pick and drop off time and everything that will happen in between. Clarify on whether the driver’s tip is included in the total cost, as that is typically a 20% add-on. Read through the contract and the fine print and be sure you receive an e-mail confirmation. It is also best to call the limo company a few days prior to confirm the reservation. Proper booking and ensuring that the party bus and services meet your expectations will enhance the overall experience.

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Just thought I’d share my experience going to the Perth Royal show with my family in 2014. Normally I’d drive to the event, but this time we caught the train. Was it a good experience? In my opinion, yes. But many might have the opposite experience. So I do understand that. What ever the experience is, I would love for you guys to share your experience with the readers here.

I know what you’re all asking – how much did I spend in total when I went there with the whole family? Well let say it is in the vicinity of $500-$1000. Whether that is a lot or not it is up to the individual. For us, it is a little bit high. But oh well! The kids had fun so tat is the main thing. Parents will worry about the money side of things when we get home! How funny is that?

Best game for the kids, that bloody fishing game! You know the one where you get a stick with that kinda hook at the end and you pick out an unexpecting fish! My daughter loves it! But secretly I do too. So there you go, my secret is out. I might actually set it up at home and play it with everyone.

All in all, loved the experience! So since I shared my experience, please do share yours! I’ll make a deal. You share a story with all of us here and I might even post another one of my Perth experiences! I bet that got you thinking right?

Peace out!


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Many people will know that transportation is a necessity in this day of age. Perth city is no different, with a population reaching 2 million people, it faces its own challenges when it comes to providing transportation needs for small businesses.

When you think big companies, many will no doubt think that their transportation needs are being met without any hassle. For example a well known supermarket has their preferred trucks for transporting the goods in bulk. This is true because they have the capacity to bargain for the best possible deals.  But what about the small businesses in Perth? How are they suppose to compete with the mighty supermarkets or departmental stores?

Take the modest bouncy castle hire services which operates within the Perth metropolitan area as an example. They often have little budget to negotiate the best deals from a huge number of transportation services currently available. But what may come to a surprise (or not) is that the size of their equipment such as the bouncy castle themselves often require bigger than average transport to physically fit the bouncy castles. It can be a daunting task to say the least to organise.

inflatable castle

Sure there’s other ways for companies to choose for their transportation needs. But in reality, they only have one or two to choose from as that is ow they approach it. It varies from time to time.

Due to this underlying problem, many rely on other means of transporting their bouncy castles such as having a fixed place for these sometime gigantic fun world. That way customers come to them and they don’t have to go to theirs.

But as the owner of a small business, one should always expand their business.One of the more obvious ways to do this is to venture out of the safe zone. Provide a service outside of the main city, especially the inner city areas.

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Ever likes to have a good little vacation whenever they get the chance because it alleviates stress and allows you to see all the greater things in life. But, getting prepared for your vacation can be a bit stressful.Things like packing finding transportation getting booking and getting picked up from the airport are all things that you should think about, But in this article I want to point out a few things that I can make your next vacation the most amazing trip of your life.

It all starts with preparation. Setting up your transportation to and from the airport and knowing what time You’ll be picked up in the appropriate location can save you a ton of time and a huge headache in the long run. I want you to imagine for a second getting off the airplane and not having any idea of the heck you’re going to meet or where you’re going to find a ride to your hotel. That’s what we always suggest to book transportation service of some sort, even if it’s a newer company that offers lower prices on their services. That’s how I got a super cheap price on a party bus when I visited my cousin in California.

Once you land at the airport and get your ride to your hotel you’re going to want to get situated and comfortable at your new temporary home away from home. The best way to do that is by grabbing a drink and relaxing for little bit after your long flight. And the fact that airplane flights can cause stress and even sickness in the wrong environment so be sure to rest up and relax the second you get to the hotel.

It’s no wonder that the hotels typically in hot Hawaii and Mexico give you a drink as soon as you begin checking in, So don’t go for a water next time. Grab yourself a nice relaxing peanut colada or even refreshing and take a seat by the pool for a minute. You’re on vacation to relax to take sometime to do that.

Last suggestion I have for you is to check into local parties for nightclubs around the area especially if you’re into dancing. In places like saying you can expect the nightclubs open at 11 o’clock or even later and I’ll be open all night, so be prepared to party hard. If you ask your hotel for recommendations they will typically know the hottest spots in the area, And if you’re on a budget you may want to ask for special promotions or deals that they have.

Overall vacation is supposed to be the funnest time of your life so try relax And enjoy every second of it. Take in the scenery, the culture, the food and and all the great aspects of an awesome vacation. By following these three simple tips you can make the most out of your next vacation, and save yourself a huge headache in the end.

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“Buses are underrated” – commented one commuter when asked about the state of public transport within the city metropolitan area. According to a recent survey, more than 70% of people who participated said they have traveled by bus at least once in the past year. It may come to a surprise to many people but the truth is just that – the truth!

Routes are a certain path that a bus will take during its travel. Numbered in a particular way, people are able to follow a logical schedule. Many will think that its confusing, but if looked deep within the structure, it is quite straight forward and simple. As simple as a complicated matrix of crossed routes/pathways can get. The real secret of simplifying the complexity lies between two methods of accurate arrival timings of the buses. Basically if you put two different methods of timing together, you end up with an optimised version of the two. Now known as bus timetables.

Connecting services are important when you consider how many people rely on its services. But what has many people puzzled are the fact that some services are not concurrent with a connecting service. Take Queens Park for example, buses traveling to Perth city are numbered between 30 to 98. Otherwise known to the locals as the circle route.

Are buses plenty in number? Well that depends on the angle you look at it. But many will agree that it is relatively plentiful in this vibrant city. Don’t believe the stats? Simply go out and observe the numbers parked and going from bus stands.


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Perth is well known to be a laid back “country” like feeling. But this saying is far fetched and forgotten as the city evolve into a hustling, bustling and lively metropolitan.

Infrastructure plays a vital role in keeping the heart beat of a city pumping. Although many Perth’s residents own a private car, competition for parking spaces and increasing cost have seen many look at alternative transportation.

Events happening around the city all year around have seen the high demand of transport hire services such as limousines and small chartered vehicles. Events such as the Ascot races, casino trips and even down south travels.. people are wanting to arrive in style! Red carpet service to say the least. Limo as a way of a transport of choice have skyrocketed!

hire service

High demand and especially competition meant that limo companies have to deliver more than the traditional services offered a decade ago. Far far more as people expect on the dot arrival and a “golden carpet” service. All this for about the same price. Which made company owners feel under the pump to keep up with expectations.

One such limo company located in Perth has risen to the occasion, according to consumer’s survey taken this year.

This number one company, whose details can be found at http://www.perthlimos.net, have risen the bar for others to keep Perth on the map. This hire service company will be held in high regards to its business peers.

Not only the service is of a high level, the range of fleet is second to none. Boasting modern stretched machines capable of seating 16 people in many colours and designs. It is fast becoming the town’s preferred high end limousine hire service in Perth.

As news spread, there is no doubt will make other similar organisations nervous to stay afloat from losing customers to this highly progressive mob.

Another factor influencing the decision of people is the ease of booking and payment options. Having many payment options, including the use of mobile checkouts have been proven to be popular amongst the crowd.

Recent concert events like Mariah Carey and Katie Perry tour have demonstrated the vital role that transportation hire service is here to stay. In fact, the number of limos on the road have increase by 213% according to a recent poll.

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