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“Buses are underrated” – commented one commuter when asked about the state of public transport within the city metropolitan area. According to a recent survey, more than 70% of people who participated said they have traveled by bus at least once in the past year. It may come to a surprise to many people but the truth is just that – the truth!

Routes are a certain path that a bus will take during its travel. Numbered in a particular way, people are able to follow a logical schedule. Many will think that its confusing, but if looked deep within the structure, it is quite straight forward and simple. As simple as a complicated matrix of crossed routes/pathways can get. The real secret of simplifying the complexity lies between two methods of accurate arrival timings of the buses. Basically if you put two different methods of timing together, you end up with an optimised version of the two. Now known as bus timetables.

Connecting services are important when you consider how many people rely on its services. But what has many people puzzled are the fact that some services are not concurrent with a connecting service. Take Queens Park for example, buses traveling to Perth city are numbered between 30 to 98. Otherwise known to the locals as the circle route.

Are buses plenty in number? Well that depends on the angle you look at it. But many will agree that it is relatively plentiful in this vibrant city. Don’t believe the stats? Simply go out and observe the numbers parked and going from bus stands.


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