22. February 2015 · Comments Off on Bicycles Are The Forgotten Ones · Categories: Other

When you think about transportation, you’d most likely think about those fuel powered machines. We’re talking about cars, boats, buses, ferries, trains etc etc. But back in the days before coal or petrol powered transportation were invented, many relied on self propelled “machines” such as bicycles, more often then not referred simply as bikes.

Nowadays, bikes are still a minority when it comes to mode of transportation in Australian cities such as Perth. But perhaps this will change as population growth increases exponentially. Take a look at other countries, such as China where it’d be relatively common to find people getting around in their bicycles. Most will say that it is not by choice, but rather by force. Costs of running fuel powered vehicles such as cars and buses are always on the increase owing to pressure caused by increased demand for their usage.

To put a picture in your with regards to over populated places, check out below:



It’s true about what they say that a picture paints a thousand words. Just take a look at the above picture. Such a telling story..

Going back to using bikes, many will argue that in a place such as Perth, the way the roads are currently designed, it may not be able to accommodate bike riders. Why? Simply because many won’t have anticipated the rapid population growth.

So, are bikes really the forgotten transportation mode? Well… everyone will have their own opinion. But the majority of local people will agree that they’re not but simply not included in today’s transport infrastructure.