16. May 2015 · Comments Off on Perth Cyclists Approves Compound · Categories: News

Perth city workers will get a much needed support from the their employers. News spread like wild fire about several companies in the city building a compound specifically to keep the bicycles secure. Some people has taken up cycling to take advantage of this offer. There are many advantages to why people cycle over the traditional driving to get to work, some of the advantages are: i) to beat peak hour traffic ii) save money on fuel and iii) getting some exercise.

Previously, there were not many places to park and secure your bikes – forcing many to drive rather than cycle. Employers now hope these people can start cycling again. And for those who never cycled before may contemplate to take up cycling. Health experts said that the employers are doing the right thing. Simply look at the health benefit, the regular exercise from cycling daily will make workers more healthy and therefore, in theory, be more productive at work. It’s a win/win situation to both the employer and the employee. The employee reaps the heath benefit and the employer benefits from having more productive workers!

Another issue that may be discussed is the compatibility between the bikes and cars, especially with the increase number of bikes over time.